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Don't you hate it when you get on the Internet and can't get the price? It's just like getting into the checkout line and not being able to check out because the tag is missing!  With Bill And Sandra Smith's Magic of Music, that's never going to happen! Why?  Read on.....There are no hidden fees, no set up or tear down charges. These ARE OUR prices! Your choice of entertainment is an insurance policy that gives you confidence that all of the other money you spend will NOT be wasted.

Think about these two questions with respect to your event:

> On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is your entertainer to the success of your event?

> Why not just show up and "Wing it" and let whatever happens happen?

Not all DJ companies do the same thing. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a commodity, and we all offer varying levels of service...and quality. Make sure that your choice of entertainers display the needed attention to detail and meticulous planning that you deserve!!

Our Number 1 Goal is the SUCCESS of your event. You do not want to wing it, and neither do we.

Show pricing ALWAYS includes the following Features:

- Pre event consultation with me in person and/or speaking by phone or Email.

- Creating event planners, and coordinating all of the details of your show.

- Picking the music and format of the show.

- Coordination with your other professionals such as your caterer, and photographer to ensure a smooth seamless transition from one phase of your event to the next.

- DJ service with or without lights, your choice of music formats, and interactivity as needed.

- Emcee and time management

- Referral Services. I know a lot of talented professionals that I am proud to be associated with in the wedding reception industry, such as Cake makers, videography companies, photographers, caterers, flower arrangers and event suppliers. I can be a one stop shop. Go to the Links and resources page and check it out.

- Experience. Flexibility to change on the fly as the situation changes is also very important. I know that sudden changes can be disconcerting and even upsetting. I can minimize these issues and continue to make the evening seamless. A plan is good, but what happens if the plan has to change? Can the DJ you choose handle sudden changes?


RECEPTIONS $995.00 Includes up to 4 hours of performance with all of the features and services

RECEPTIONS $1195.00 Includes up to 6 hours of performance with all of the features and services


This price applies if the ceremony is in the SAME room as the reception, and a second sound system is not needed. This includes all music selections, unlimited time for pre-seating music, and planning/coordination of the ceremony, acting AS your wedding director/coordinator and a pre event rehearsal


This price applies in the event that the ceremony is at a different location and a second sound system is needed. This includes all music selections, unlimited pre-seating music, and planning/coordination of the ceremony and acting as the director or coordinator and pre event rehearsal.

Note: These prices INCLUDE the Evening before rehearsals, & will be done with a small system, minus the big speakers and lights, but with enough sound so we can coordinate all the parties involved and ensure that there are no problems. I use a unique and time effective approach to accomplish this.


This includes the Rehearsal and entertainment during a dinner party that you have decided to have to bring the families together. DJ service, dinner music, Vocal performances, skits, and Karaoke are possible entertainment options.

Other Event Pricing:

KARAOKE SHOWS ~ $175.00 per hour flat rate. This features a full sound system, wireless microphones, and over 6000 selections. DJ service included no lights.

KIDDIE PARTIES ~ $125.00 per hour - This is a two-hour minimum with DJ service OR Karaoke service, and games. This is suitable for ELEMENTARY school audiences.

SWEET SIXTEEN PARTIES - $175.00 per Hour

CHRISTMAS PARTIES ~ $795.00 up to 4 hours

This price includes pre event consultation, DJ service, Karaoke (if requested), awards ceremony presentation with wireless microphone, dinner music, and interactivity as requested. Longer time frames are available as well for additional cost.

BAR/BAT MITZVAHS ~ From $1795.00

I have performed Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for several years now, and understand the nuances and importance of this special day in a young person's life. I bring full event preplanning and emceeing, party packages that include glow necklaces ,party favors and all of those favorite Mitzvah games. Our base package includes 2 DJ/Emcees tight hi energy show.

OTHER OCCASIONS ~ $175.00 per hour

Planning a birthday party, beauty pageant, or just want to have a party for no special reason?? Dj music, live show sound production, Karaoke, and interactive games are all a part of the fun that can be yours when you hire 'The Magic of Music'

NEW YEARS EVE ~ $2500.00 Up to 6 hours of non-stop entertainment.

Includes your choice of format for music, interactivity, Karaoke and lights, announcements and of course the "countdown".

OTHER Details

TRAVEL: For travel to locations more than 1 hour away from Raleigh, North Carolina, we add on $75.00 per hour charge for travel. If the event is a very late one, and far away, we may request to add the cost of a hotel room near the location of your event in lieu of travel pay.

CONTRACT: You should ALWAYS be assured that your special event is covered by a contract. One of the saddest things we hear about is when a frantic client calls asking for an emergency fill in because a contract was not signed with another service. NEVER accept a pencil in verbal request as confirmation of your date.

You should never do business and place your event or your most important day at risk without the security of knowing that you have a contract in place with a professional DJ. You should avoid doing business with a DJ service that does not clearly explain his/her contract and/or offers to book you without a written detailed contract.

All contracts are signed with a 1/2 retainer fee based on the total amount of the services requested, and the balances are DUE AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE SHOW DATE.  

PRESENTATIONS: We will come out to visit you at a location of your choosing, or you can visit us at the office. My presentation consists of materials that we will use to plan and execute your event with. . During this presentation to you, you will receive a sample of our contract form, a planner, references, and a copy of our pricing information. It also consists of answering openly and honestly ALL of your questions. You can bring anyone you like to see this presentation and we will show you what value we can bring to your special event. These visits are free of charge. After all, itís important that we "click". Itís important that we can trust each other and work together to make your event come off just the way you want it to.

Please call us at 919-604-2850, or Contact us by email!

Features of the Magic of Music

  • Pre Event Planning & Consultation
  • Emcee Service
  • Coordination with other vendors
  • State of the Art equipment
  • Comprehensive Music Library
  • Light show
  • Flexible show format
  • Karaoke
  • Vocal performances
  • Referral services for other vendors

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