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Nothing replaces the wonderful feelings I get when clients take their valuable time to tell me in their own words what sort of difference I was able to make on their special days.  I'd like to share a few of these with you.

Michael and Denise Lamar

This letter is written as a recommendation for Bill Smith and his company, Magic of Music.  We hired Bill to be our DJ for our wedding reception. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by Bill's quality and professionalism throughout the planning and execution of our event.  Denise's mother recommended Bill to us after our original choice turned out to be unsatisfactory. Luckily, Bill was still available and we agreed to meet with him at his house.

We wanted to prepare a list of songs for Bill, but failed to do this as other wedding preparations seemed to dominate our lives. All we knew was our first dance . . . and what NOT to play! Bill helped us by steering clear of the song selection for a while, and instead focusing on the many issues we didn't know we had. We learned that instead of just spinning the CDs, Bill was going to relieve us of a lot of organizational headaches for the event. He sent us home with a list of potential songs, a plan for meeting #2, and a great sense of anticipation for the event.

Bill came to our house for meeting #2, armed with an arsenal of music and a nearly complete plan for the reception. Denise and I had now made most of our musical selections. We hammered out the details one by one as we played cuts of music from his collection. The night was really coming together now.

Fast Forward to the night of the reception. Denise and I were lost in the sheer enjoyment of our families and friends. We didn't have to think about the timing of anything. Bill carried the ball for us. He led the crowd through the event with class and never missed a beat through all the last-minute changes and problems. The dance floor was crowded and alive all night. We highly recommend Bill. He is a first-class emcee, runs a smooth business, and has the professional equipment and know-how to make any event top-notch.

Kara Keyser - Bride

Bill - we are delighted with the ways things went and got many compliments on your handling of the day and choices of music. Every time I saw the dance floor it was packed! We would be more than happy to write you a reference as soon as we come back from our honeymoon. We also wouldn't mind if you need to give out our number to potential clients who may want to speak with us directly. We will have great things to say! Thanks again for everything!

Linda and Jerry Kendall


Jerry and I just want to thank you for helping Jessica and Aaron have a wonderful wedding reception. From the first meeting in our home, I knew that you were going to be a real professional, and yet playful. (what a perfect combination) And that is exactly the way it turned out.

You gamely went along with our desire to have my father, "Grandpa Ed", give a Polka lesson (which you handled beautifully, THANK YOU). Then you playfully joined the mood of this whole event. And didn't everyone have a ball dancing the Polka? :) When I watch the wedding reception video, I see so many smiling-laughing faces of relatives, neighbors, and even the young friends as they attempt to do the Polka. (My kids and I took a dance lesson the week before, so we cheated a little). You can see in the wedding pictures that our guests were having a wonderful time as they danced and enjoyed the music. You helped make this happen!

Plus, you helped the wedding couple do all the traditional activities so smoothly and timely. Best of all, I never worried about the details of the reception that you were in charge of. What a blessing that was! We have heard so many compliments about the reception and you are one of the reasons it went so joyfully.

So Bill, we want to thank you for all that you did during our daughter's wonderful reception and we wish you all the best as you continue to offer your professional Magic of Music services.


Linda and Jerry Kendall

Pattie and Doug McCorquodale -Parents of the Bride

Thanks so much for making Sarah and Rich's wedding reception such a great event. Everyone was so impressed with your talents and the way you calmly kept the evening on task and accommodated the crowd's various tastes. Doug and I especially enjoyed the vocalization of "Harbor Lights". That personal touch made the entire evening worth while. We will always have the best feeling about our choice for the evening's entertainment. I have the lyrics that you signed for us in a frame on my dresser. After 32 years of marriage we are lucky to be able to be reminded of the special things from our own wedding. Thanks again and continued success in your business. You have a special talent.

Pattie and Doug McCorquodale

Ruth Hartland, Birthday girl

THANK YOU very much for the great fun you provided for my birthday party! I got many,many comments on what a great job you did. Some people asked how long we'd known each other -- that certainly tells how well you blended right in and made everyone feel comfortable. The karaoke certainly went over well, and there were a lot of "first-timers" who are ready for another party. Perhaps I'll need to make it an annual event! Especially since I was having so much fun watching everyone else, I didn't get a chance to sign up for my Billy Joel song.

Thanks again! It was great fun -- you have a great talent.

Ruth Hartland

 Brent Hetland, Groom

Hey Bill, This is too long, but use what you can. I meant every word of it of course... If anyone ever wants to speak to me, shoot me some Email and I could contact them...Thanks again for everything! PS: You should charge more money. : )

Feel free to correct any punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors.



Even though I had been a DJ for several years, when my finance and I began planning our wedding, selecting a DJ didn't seem like a decision of all that much importance. Now that the wedding and reception are behind us, BELIEVE ME, selecting the DJ was one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions we made. Without a doubt, it is a decision that will affect how everyone who attends the events of your special day, remembers your special day.

The wedding ceremony is obviously a very special part of the day, so I don't mean to imply that decisions made for the ceremony aren't important. They are very important. But let me point out a couple of differences between the wedding ceremony and the reception that didn't come close to crossing my mind when I started looking for a DJ.

One obvious difference is the length of time that each will last. A traditional wedding is about 45 minutes long, while the traditional reception usually last 3-4+ hours. The wedding ceremony is usually a very serious and emotional event. The bride and groom are nervous, and the attendees, parents and many others are often emotional and may even cry due to the happiness they feel for the bride and groom. The reception on the other hand: PARTY! The nerves are gone, the crying is behind everyone, and quite simply the celebration begins. It is often said that the reception is the last party you'll thrown for as many people as will attend your reception. The last difference I'll point out is that a wedding, by its nature, typically has a natural flow to it; a wedding has "built-in continuity". A reception on the other hand has very little natural flow or built-in continuity. The reception might start out with a cocktail hour followed by the grand entrance and announcement of the attendees and bride and groom. Then there might be a toast or speech, a formal cake cutting, dinner, special dances, open dances, a farewell for the bride and groom, and more... Every distinct phase is a different event, and for them to all come together, there needs to be a smooth transition. A smooth transition, ensures continuity and a good flow.

Why have I gone to all the trouble of explaining all of this? Because like I said, we realized AFTER our wedding day, how important it was to choose a DJ who could make your reception a very special, unforgettable time.

Now, with all of that said, I can tell you that I wouldn't have taken any time to write all of this, if it weren't for Bill. I could have simply wrote something like: "Bill was by far the best I've seen, and worth MUCH MORE than what he charges." But that wouldn't have done justice to Bill and the job he does.

The awesome job Bill did started with the planning he did with us, well in advance of the wedding day. Bill met with us face to face twice, exchanged alot of EMail with us, and had several phone conversations with us. He spent alot of time helping us pick out music for our entrance to the reception, our special dances, dinner, etc... Bill's choice of music for our cocktail and dinner hours were tremendous. One guest Emailed me and said:

"I wanted to tell you how classy your wedding and reception were. It was great and we had a fantastic time. The reception was very neat. I of course loved the swingin big band stuff before the dance. The dj was a cool cat."

Regarding Bill's MC skills; I can't say enough great things him. Bill is very smooth and professional, he has a soothing voice, is extremely calm and collected, and always knows what to say and how to say it. He was simply outstanding with everything he did.

With all of the great things I've said so far, it is no surprise that his transitions between each event, and ability to change the schedule on the fly (at his suggestion. and for the better), were exceptional. This sounds silly, but as the reception and night went on, I found myself taking alot of pride in my decision to hire Bill. I of course did nothing, but inside I almost felt like taking credit for how well everything was going.

Lastly, Bill's level of professionalism is second to none. The only thing I will say here is: Call Bill, and you will find this out immediately.

In summary, our reception was awesome, and I attribute it to Bill. It was a four and a half hour celebration, that had great music, transitions, continuity, and alot of "smooth". Bill delivered so much more than he promised, as you simply can't quantify and put a price on alot of the adjectives I've used to describe him.

Choose Bill as your DJ, and you will be very glad that you did!

Richard and LaTonya Stewart

We had such a great experience with Bill Smith's Magic of Music that it is hard to express our gratitude. We are thankful that Bill was as concerned about the wedding as we were. He wanted our day to be perfect, and it was. We also appreciate the time and preparation that went into scheduling and rescheduling the music program. Bill went through several possible play lists with us until he understood our personal style and what type of music was or was not acceptable. He had a vast selection from which to choose and found every song we requested.

When we met with Bill over a year ago, we immediately knew that he understood exactly what we wanted for our wedding. He was friendly and professional and spared no detail. He even traveled over seventy miles to meet with us in our home. We were so pleased with the way he handled our reception preparations that we also booked him as our wedding consultant and dj for the ceremony. Needless to say, Bill performed above and beyond our expectations. He anticipated any problems and made sure there were several back-up plans. If something went wrong during the event, we certainly were not aware of it. The ceremony and reception were flawless. We truly had the time of our lives.

We attended five other weddings during the months before our wedding and we must brag that ours was the best. Guests at those other weddings criticized and complained throughout most of the evening. Each of the marrying couples made the mistake of hiring the wrong entertainment services. Music sets the atmosphere, and none of their djs seemed to have the knack for reading the crowd. Bill does. Our guests have called and emailed to tell us how much fun they had and that they could not wait to see the pictures. That is only because they were dancing and laughing so much that everything else seemed unimportant. We have Bill Smith's Magic of Music to thank for this. Because of Bill's dedication to making our day special, our friends and family had the opportunity to celebrate our union in a fun and romantic atmosphere.

We know that weddings are expensive and most people need to stick to a budget, so we have a bit of advice. Do not skimp on the dj. Decorate using fewer flowers or go for the cheaper favors. These are things most people do not remember. However, your guests will definitely recall the food and entertainment. They will remember the ambiance and whether or not they had a good time. A good dj can read the crowd and subsequently play music appropriate for the circumstance. When they are truly enjoying themselves, people do not pay attention to small details like extra votives or additional floral garlands. The overall mood will be determined by the music and that will leave the lasting impression on your guests.

We highly recommend Bill Smith's Magic of Music to anyone who is considering hiring a dj for their event. You will get friendly service from an experienced professional. Bill deserves all the accolades he has received. He is the best dj we know.


Richard and LaTonya Stewart

 Chris and Corley Hughes

Dear Bill, Chris and I just wanted to say thank you so Much! We had such a fun time, and everything turned out even better that we imagiuned it,  It was perfect.

Thanks again,

Corley, Chris and Parker

 Ron and Rebecca Stephens

(This was a "rescue".  The DJ supposed to do this became very seriously ill and could not travel from New Jersey.  He found me on the Internet on June 22rd, and I planned and picked music for Ron and Rebecca that same evening, and we did the reception that Friday. Overshadowing this was the recent recovery of her father from a life threatening episode with cancer which she asked to have me recognize during the reception)

To Bill:

Thank you for making our day special and helping us out on such short notice. Our reception and the songs were so memorable and personal for us.  It was much more than just our wedding and you helped a great deal in that.  Thank you

God's Blessings Ron and Rebecca


Earl Wiley - Father of the Bride

Bill, Thank you.  You exceeded every single hope,wish and expectation I had about what you did for Danielle and David today, and I cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail, your wisdom and compassion in supporting us through some tough moments leading up to the reception itself!


Please call us at 919-604-2850, or Contact us by email!

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